Recent research projects

October 2019

'Isotype revisited' project team members have recently been involved in further research projects.

Picturing Science for Children

'Picturing Science for Children' is a one-year AHRC-funded project (2018-19). It 'follows-on' from the earlier 'Isotype revisited' project by deepening an area of research pursued during the original project. This area is Marie Neurath's children's books, in particular those dealing with science, technology and natural history.

The project has been led by Sue Walker (Principal Investigator), together with Eric Kindel (Co-Investigator) and Emma Minns (Project Officer). The team has also included Andrew Happle from the University of Reading's Institute of Education, and project partners Design Science and House of Illustration.

For more information:
'Picturing Science for Children' project website
'Picturing Science for Children' twitter feed
'Marie Neurath: Picturing Science' exhibition, House of Illustration, London.
'Marie Neurath: Picturing Science' web version of exhibition

Isotype: Origin, Development, and Legacy

'Isotype revisited' project team member, Christopher Burke, has partnered with the Austrian scholar Günther Sandner in this ambitious four-year project (2019-2022), based in Vienna. The project 'aims to analyze the origin and developments of Isotype and Isotype-like approaches in different political contexts and national cultures.'

For more information, biographies, outputs, and documents, see the project website.


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